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A and Z have been exchanging Sympathetic ophthalmia between each other for a few weeks. Now they are both almost well.

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Aouch.. poor.. poor.. A
Videotrading – DVDs of the Whole cuban music you’ll find it here!!

Cuban Music, the best of the best of what sounds in Cuba right now, La Timba (The Cuban option the Salsa, more violent, much more real), the cuban “Reggaeton-Cubaton” (the cuban style is less vulgar) Cuban Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Ballads, Changüi, Bolero, Sucu-Sucu, Son (the father of the Salsa) Feeling, Guaracha, and then singer like Hila, Vania, Evelyn Garcia Marquez, Aylin Mujica (the cuban Britney), Barbara Grave de Peralta (Pop), Dayani (R’n’B-Pop), David Blanco (Pop-Rock), Acento Latino, ‘Isis’ Flores (Pop-Rock), Cubanito 20-02 (Reggaeton), Eddy-K (Reggaeton), Van Van (Son, Timba), NG al Banda (Son, Timba), Pachito, Maggie Carles (The Voice), Mirtha Medina, ‘Rosita Fornes’ live in Concierto, Elena Burke, Omara Portuondo, Miriam Ramos, Liuba Maria Hevia in Concierto, Amaury Perez and his Concert in the HardRock Café of DF-Mexico, La Charanga Habanera (Timba), Polito Ibañez (2 Conciertos), Moneda Dura (Pop Latin), La Charanga Latina (Salsa), Soledad Delgado (Variete), Video-Clips of the cuban Tv-program: Piso 6 y VideoSol, Concirts, cuban films and telefilms, SoapOperas (Telenovelas), Cuban Humor, Touristic films of different cuban places (the other face of Cuba where there’s not only people’s poverty...) The new musical program “The hour of Carlos” with Carlos Otero, former presentator of ‘Para Bailar’, the cuban soapopera “LAS HONRADAS” featuring: Cesar Evora, Jorge Martinez, Broselianda, Aurora Pita, José Corrales, Margarita Balboa, Thais Valdes, Carlos Cruz, Rosita Fornes (special featuring), The cuban soapopera: LAS HUERFANAS de la OBRA PIA, feat. Susana Perez, Aramos Delgado, Barbaro Marin, Frank Gonzalez, Obelia Blanco, Luisa Ma. Jimenez, Nestor Jimenez, Mario Limonta, Rogelio Blain, Paula Ali. The SoapOpera: AL COMPAS DEL SOL (Tribute to the cuban music of the 30s) feat: Yory Gomez*, Yoandra Suarez*,
Vladimir Villar, Ruben Breña, Coralia Veloz, Thaimi Albariño*,
Fernando Echevarria, Barbaro Marin, Maria Eugenia Garcia
Daisy Quintana, Edith Massola*, Rachel Pastor, Rogelio Blain*,
Ulises Glez, Amarilys Nuñez, Julio Cesar Ramirez, Raul Pomarez*,
Felix Beaton, Luis Enrique Carreras, Carlos Ever Fonseca,
Cruz Perez*, Lucia Chiong, Carlos Padron, Ramon aristides,
Kenia Ortiz, Ana Rojas, Miriam Martinez, Luis Lloro*, Frank Artola,
Leoncio de la Torre, Tamara Castellanos, Alexis Boleri,
Carlos E. Almirante, Ramon Gonzalez, Ana Lora Calaza*,
Jorge Luis de cabo, Edenis Sanchez, Zajaris Fernandez, Roly Chiong,
Special Appearance of: ASENNETH RODRIGUEZ,
José Antonio RODRIGUEZ, Jorge Luis ESPINOSA, you may also enjoy in direct in our Weblog of several of our Videos of the cuban Hit Parade (The hot cuban chart in videos), do you wanna dance, do you dream to have the best of our music, of our Tv in our language, do you miss your country, here we propose you the best of the best, just visit us, make a click in our link:

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